Mission Statement


The first Eucharist of Sacred Heart Parish was celebrated in the home of John Hynes in 1868.   Sacred Heart is now a Parish with a rich culture mix of Asian, Hispanic and Anglo peoples as well as embracing a large retirement community, who are united in faith and hope in Jesus Christ.   As a Catholic people of prayer, we celebrate the presence of God in our midst.   Sacred Heart Parish is located in the center of Rockport, Texas just south of the Aransas County Courthouse and Administration building.
Our Mission Statement:   Our Faith community is called by God to share in the saving mission of Jesus to bring the Good News to all through Worship, Proclamation, Teaching, Witness and Example. 
We are drawn together by a deep sense of hope, of community, of awareness of the dignity of each person and each family and of our need to be spiritually nurtured and enabled.   Our Parish expresses the multicultural roots of our faith community through liturgy and celebration.
We, the members of Sacred Heart Parish, live our mission:
  1. By welcoming visitors and new parishioners, and building the spirit of belonging within the Parish community, (Hospitality);
  2. By reaching out to non-practicing Catholics, to those who are seeking God, and to all in need of spiritual growth, (Evangelization);
  3. By teaching all the Word of God, the Moral Teaching and the Tradition of the Church, (Catechesis);
  4. By providing opportunities to all for spiritual growth and a deepening prayer life, (Adult Faith Development);
  5. By enriching and empowering youth to grow and make their talents visible in the faith community, (Youth Ministry Development);
  6. By enabling all to respond to God’s call through service, (Lay Ministry Development);
  7. By identifying, reaching out to and assisting those who have material, physical, emotional and spiritual needs, (Ministry to the Poor and Hurting);
  8. By developing and encouraging a closer relationship  and cooperation among peoples of all faiths, (Ecumenism);
  9. By encouraging all to take an active part in the liturgical life of the Church, (Liturgy Development).
 Approved and accepted on May 19, 1994 by our Parish Pastoral Council.

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